Marina Landau, MD

With the increase in life expectancy, physicians of all medical fields are now faced with a new challenge, beyond their diseases curing traditional role – caring for their patients’ quality of life. This hasn’t skipped dermatology. Today, dermatologists are dealing with skin aging prevention and treatment of early signs of aging, in parallel to curing skin diseases.

Dr. Landau is senior dermatologists and a renowned international expert in skin rejuvenation procedures.

  • Graduated for the Ben-Gurion University and trained in Dermatology in the Tel Aviv Medical Center 
  • Fellowship participation in NYU, NY , USA and Sunnybrook hospital, Toronto, Canada
  • Former President of the Israeli Society for Dermatologic Surgery 
  • Founding President of the International Peeling Society
  • Veteran member of the American Academy of Dermatology (over 20 years)

Dr. Landau earned her reputation due to her innovative approach to rejuvenating dermatology. She is a frequent key-note speaker in national and international conferences of dermatology, aesthetic dermatology and minimally invasive dermatological procedures. 

Dr. Landau is an author of numerous chapters of dermatology and dermatologic surgery textbooks and published more than 70 scientific articles in leading Dermatologic journals.


I developed the MAHUT dermo-cosmetic line, first and foremost for my own patients. 

In my clinic, I perform significant skin rejuvenation procedures that may be rather aggressive on the patient’s skin. After which, the skin needs to be supported and restored to properly heal and regain its optimal functionality. I have found that when it comes to skin repair – and in its core, the restoration of the epidermal barrier – there are no adequate clinically-tested and efficacy-proven cosmetic products available. So, I embarked on a journey to develop the right solution myself. And that is how the SUPCERATTM complex came to live.

And then came COVID…

And with it rose patients’ concerns on how to care for their skin in an era with minimal access to dermatologists, while hunger for knowledge and the desire to make educated purchasing decisions, based on data and evidence – increased. I decided to let SUPCERATTM outgrow the clinic limits and make it available not only to my patients, but to anyone concerned about healthy looking skin from within.And this is MAHUT (“essence” in Hebrew) – science-based skin care. No mystification. Research only. Back to the basics of your skin.”

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Why a Dermatologist?

A dermatologist's certification includes the understanding of the skin's biological and pathological processes. This deep understanding, beyond skin-care, also refers to the potential damage of specific ingredients contacting a variety of skin types, alongside chemical and biological inter-cellular processes, giving the dermatologists a clear advantage in treating aging skin.

Aging is unavoidable. What can be done?

Apparently - a lot. Although aging cannot be avoided, maintaining a youthful and fresh appearance over the years - is possible. As of today, a large variety of technological means aimed at slowing down aging processes, and maintaining skin youthful appearance, including: topical cosmetic products, injectables, leizer treatments, RF treatment, peeling, threads, etc.

What’s right for me?

Every person has their own aging model, related to genetic and external factors (such as sun exposure). Such an aging model is tightly related to the proposed treatment, which will also be decided upon in accordance with the severity level of the findings. The more advanced the aging signs are, the more invasive the treatment would usually be. In her clinic, Dr. Landau diagnoses the skin and tailors the suitable treatment for each patient.